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This page contains detailed information about MyABCD for parents and teachers

Your two year old child can learn the alphabet

The letters appear sequentially and are displayed in both upper-case and lower-case. Each letter is linked with a word and used in a spoken sentence- for example G giraffe The giraffe is very tall . If you mouse-over the letter the phonic will be repeated and if you mouse-over the sentence it will be repeated.

For every letter there is an amusing animation. For example the Giraffe extends its neck and eats from the top of the tree. Your children will anticipate with excitement the appearance of the teddy and sing along with his special tune. Most children soon learn to look for the boy in the window.

You can set the sounds in the alphabet to give you 'letter sounds' or 'letter names' or leave it set on giving both.

The testing of the program was originally in the hands of Hannah, now aged eight, who enjoyed the earlier versions from age fifteen months. When Hannah went to the zoo at age two she surprised her mother by saying 'tall' at her first sight of a giraffe. The testing role has now been passed to Julian, age two.


You can use MyABCD to help your toddler learn how to count

The numbers from one to twenty are counted out. The presentation is cleverly varied and the colors and graphics are appealing. For example the number one introduces the juggling elephant which will delight all children while number two shows the drummer boys which appear in some of the games. Teddy makes a re-appearance at ten, beach balls bounce at eleven and cars race at twelve. Your child will soon know his or her favorite numbers and anticipate their appearance

In both numbers and alphabet the sequence ends with an index screen which allows you to re-start the section at a favourite number or letter.


Your child can develop computer mouse skills well before school age

It is likely that your child will learn the skill of moving the mouse some time before he or she develops clicking skills.

A unique feature of MyABCD is that the alphabet, the numbers, the music and eleven of the games require only mouse over skills, which most children can start to develop well before school age. This will allow your child to play these games well before she or he learns the skill of clicking.

Snap is the only game which requires clicking and you can direct your child to this game at the right time.


Games you can play with your <3 or allow your >3 to play alone

The MyABCD games are designed to allow your child to have fun while consolidating the letter and number skills learned in the first two sections of the program.

Because almost all games involve only mouse over skills very young children can enjoy playing them. The simplest games involve balloon bursting. These will delight your very young children as you guide the mouse in their hand sequentially through the alphabet and numbers. Three year olds may start to develop mouse guidance skills and you and they will delight in a sense of achievement when they no longer need your help.

The fish (shown), car and elephant drawing games will always attract any pre-school child, while the jig saws and mazes will appeal to children of all ages. Those closer to school age will play the beehive and bug catching games by themselves and develop their mouse control.

Clicking skills are developed later and are only required for the alphabet and number snap games, but your younger child will still enjoy playing these games with you or with older siblings or visitors.

You can set the level of difficulty of the games to make them more of a challenge as the child's mouse movement skills improve (the easiest level allows approximately 1cm and the hardest 1mm) top

'Real' Musical Instruments for your Toddlers

Have your ever been given an expensive toy keyboard for your pre-school child and forced to remove the batteries to get some peace?

The MyABCD 'musical instruments' are accurately drawn and on mouse-over play tuned notes in similar ways to the genuine instruments. We admit that only a potential Beethoven could possibly play a tune on them, but they do offer your child a chance to learn how they look and sound.

In the music room there are drums, brass instruments(French Horn, Trombone and Tuba), string instruments (Violin, Viola and Cello) and a Xylophone. Your child can 'play' each of the instruments using mouse-over. You may enjoy the challenge of playing a tune on the xylophone!


You can control the volume of the music in MyABCD

MyABCD contains original music written by Kevin Tuck, a prominent Australian percussionist and winner of a South Australian young composer's award. He is particularly fond of the Sea Shanty which appears with Y for Yacht.

You may find that your child wants to play MYABCD for such a long time that the background music starts to annoy you. Some educators consider that background music is a distraction, especially for children with learning difficulties. We have included a volume control for background music which allows you to set the volume at a level which suits your use of the program.


Your computer is safe while your child plays MyABCD

We have found that children from age six months will watch the program with their parents, grandparents or siblings.

The author's father tells the story of the time he was babysitting William at six months and his parents were unavoidably delayed. Hungry William was getting tetchy and Bob, who was working on the computer, sat him on his knee and started MyABCD. William immediately took notice of the program and changed to a happy baby, staying in that state until his parents arrived home twenty minutes later.

As your child gets closer to school age, you might like to leave him or her at the computer playing the games. MyABCD has an important safety feature which reduces the likelihood that your child could do accidental damage to the files on your computer. You do not need the keyboard to use MyABCD, so you can put it away. However in order to close the program you need the keyboard. When you mouse over the exit button an instruction appears telling you to press the y key.


MyABCD is may be suitable for your older child

We have had feedback from parents and teachers telling us that they have used MyABCD with children who have developmental difficulties and with children from non English speaking backgrounds. We offer very reasonable school site licence prices for pre-schools and elementary schools.


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