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User Testimonials

"We purchased My ABCD on CD-ROM and we love it. It's fantastic, and clever programming makes it so easy for children to use mostly by themselves for a feeling of wonderful achievement. Our 3.75 year old enjoys it tremendously and we enjoy watching her learn." Fiona

"I just want to say how VERY HAPPY I am with your MYABCD product. It is by far the best educational software, for the price, that I have ever purchased for my 4-year-old daughter. I can't tell you how many hours she has spent using it, learning from it, just playing with it. Me too...!! And I am many, many years past 4.

I just wish you had an upgrade to increase the numbers to one hundred or so; my daughter has progressed rapidly in counting, certainly helped by your product. Thanks, again....!! Albert Parma Heights, Ohio, USA

'MYABCD is by far the best program of its kind we've ever seen. The kids are mad for it.' RG

Thanks for the prompt return of registration code for your excellent My ABCD software. The kids love it & its a great educational tool as well. We now know that Australia has more than Kylie to offer. Paul (UK)

My grandchildren really love `my abcd` and I was wondering if you have any other programmes specifically on shapes and colours but any educational things-my grandchildren range from 10 months to 20 years and everywhere in between so plenty of scope.With thanks for a lot of pleasure shared with my young folk. Judy (NSW)

Thanks for the EMail. I came across "MyABCD" at "" download software section. My grandchildren have really taken to it and what I like about it, the little treasures are kept away from the keyboard. Cheers Dave

I just wanted to let you know My wife and I downloaded your MyABC software and registered it for our son who is mentally handicapped.

We were looking everywhere for software that met his needs and could not find anything nearly as sophisticated as yours! Most of the software for his level was either too high a level for him to use or did nothing to stimulate him. He is 15 but is at a 4 year old level and has partial blindness.

Your brilliant colors and sounds in the software is exactly what he needed! We bought him a 21" touch screen monitor that worked perfect with everything in the program! I was wondering if you have any other type of software along the lines of this program for sale? We are in desperate need of more software programs of this type. Especially with music and color. Please let us know if you do have others.

Again, thank you so much for making software our son very much needed! Mike

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